SOS Bosnia was founded in 1992. Since then, the charity has delivered significant amounts of tightly targeted, personally delivered aid to those on all the different sides affected by the wars and the aftermath. In the process, it has saved hundreds of lives and helped thousands, in Bosnia, in Croatia, in Serbia, in Kosovo and in Albania. We'd like to say a big thank you to all those supporters who have made it possible.
SOS Bosnia: Reg. Charity No. 1039847
Dr. E. Laycock

Rev. J. Wilson
S. Laycock


Recent projects of SOS Bosnia.

2017, new Ambulance for Toponica Special psychiatric Hospital, new hospital van for Ozren (Sokobanja) Hospital. Oncology Dept Clinical Centre Nis indoor play equipment for children. 2016, Bela Palanka KG, 160 chairs + 30 tables, outdoor playground equipment, perimeter fence to protect, new indoor loos, washbasins. Donation for Gazebo Toponica Primary school plus new doors for school. Krusevac PCC, ECG machine and physio equipment. Toponica Psychiatric Hospital, Gas analyser. 2015, Student Health Centre in Nis, refurbished and re-equipped the Dental Clinic and Gynaecological Clinic caring for 32,000 students. 2014, two single en-suite rooms added to the Princess Katarina Palliative Care Centre in Nis. July 2013 Opened the first Palliative Care Centre in Serbia, 13 in-patient beds, The Princess Katarina Centre in Knez Selo, September 2013 opened the extension to the kindergarten in Toponica ( 80 children now). This and Matejevac opened in 2011 are the first kindergartens in Serbia in villages. Created the first Molecular Biology Department in Serbia in Nis to diagnose prenatal abnormalities, viral infections and malignancies Created the first Family Unit for handicapped children to learn to live in the outside world at Kulina Institute. Created The Rainbow Centre, the first integrated centre for handicapped children and orphans in Serbia Refurbished The Pink House for handicapped children, Cacak Day centre, Toponica Psychiatric Hospital, Geriatric Ward, alcoholic unit, the dental clinic,the oro-maxillary unit, adolescent unit, children's dental clinic.