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the roads get worse throughout the war
a big delivery for Banovici hospital
inside the back of a lorry
delivery whatever the weather
not much protection for the refugees in Banja Luka
refugees crowd into any available space
chocolate for the children
one of the babies helped in Banja Luka
refugee life
refugees collecting food delivered by SOS Bosnia
the war goes on
unloading an Adra lorry in Banja Luka
SOS Bosnia and Adra team members
rough roads are tough on the lorries
UN checkpoint in the Jablanica gorge
pontoon bridgekeeping the route open
locals wait to unload
the roads are dangerous in all sorts of ways
unloading in the snow in Tuzla
SOS Bosnia convoy in northern Bosnia in early 1995
so many houses destroyed
Tony of Phoenix Aid helps unload in Tuzla
the roads can be dangerous
weather can be a problem
team members with Pakistani UN hosts
SOS Bosnia convoy in Mostar